Blueshift, since its inception has been offering services in the education sector in various domains and disciplines. Here are some points, why you should choose Blueshift over others:

  • Precise knowledge of the process involved and understanding of the business impact of the processes.
  • Cost effective solutions with quick timeline implementation to meet client deadline
  • Robust & Scalable solutions to meet client requirements with sufficient flexibility to adapt to not only available external system but also in case of up-gradation of system.
  • Combination of services is offered, including customer ‘Help Desks’ which can be integrated as a solution.
  • Statistically rigorous and validated, having handled more than 5,00,000 applications, with a maximum of 7500 applications in a single day. And more than 3,00,000 tests conducted in 100 different centres across 50 cities of India.
  • Flexible service models designed to suit client requirements and budgets. Licensed models with AMC's and SAAS.