Recruitment Management System (RMS) is a comprehensive online solution to your recruiting needs. This state of art technology solution is highly modular and carries the right blend of technical, functional & security features. RMS provides a smooth and natural work-flow to manage the entire recruitment process. It intelligently automates all milestones from requisition creation until joining of a candidate. RMS equips users with role based access to perform tasks effortlessly thereby converting their long process into an efficient, effective information system. RMS is highly configurable in nature and is designed with the capability to interface with any external system. The highlights of RMS are as follows:

  • Captures the entire recruitment workflow with completely role based access
  • Highly Configurable - Allows most of the process to be set up easily without any need for change in software
  • Facilitates multi-level hierarchy allowing activity tracking at all level
  • Highly modular and Scalable
  • Maintains the history of candidates and job requirements
  • Prevents duplicate resumes to be entered in to the system
  • Provides intelligent parsing of resumes that come in thro emails and direct upload.
  • Offers powerful search on resume database
  • Equips recruiters with several features to increase their efficiency and enable information sharing with in the team
  • Exhaustive reports on various parameters and participants of recruitment process