Online Testing System (OTS) will help you smoothly administer tests online with the desired policy settings such as supervised or non-supervised, choice of various question types, test navigation and evaluation policies, etc. This tool offers effortless process control to test administrators through simple and comprehensive interfaces. Some of the key highlights of OTS are as follows:

  • Simple, user-friendly and feature rich interfaces for administrators and test takers
  • Highly Configurable - Allows the processes and guidelines to be set up easily e.g. supervised or non supervised tests
  • Modular and Scalable - Consists 3 modules viz. Question Bank, Administration and Candidate module to ensure security and scalability with the flexibility of usage
  • Supports various question types
  • Option to generate randomized question paper
  • Features like electronic supervision, dynamic test guidelines and policy settings and various MIS reports etc.
  • Disaster Recovery features in case the tests are abruptly stopped
  • Allows smooth communication with test takers
  • Follows all standard and advanced security guidelines required for a web application
  • Offered in flexible and scalable delivery models